Reacciones en Cadena

Can you get a ball into a cup using a cookbook, Ramen noodles, a tuna can, and some rulers?

Build a wacky chain reaction known as a Rube Goldberg Machine by using things around the house! Fun for everyone aged 3 to 83.

Prep It

Re√ļna materiales para usar. Algunos buenos materiales son:

  • Things that roll (like marbles, bouncy balls, toilet paper tubes, cans of soup, and toy cars)
  • Things that can knock other things over (dominoes, cereal boxes, individual packets of Ramen noodles)
  • String (ribbon, shoelaces, neckties)
  • Building materials (tape, stacks of books, rubber bands, Popsicle sticks, clothespins, toy blocks )


If you would like, search YouTube for “Rube Goldberg Machine” for some ideas. When you find a video you feel is appropriate to share with the children in your care, watch it together for inspiration! Below are some of our favorites ūüėÉ

1. Decide on a simple task your machine should accomplish.

Here are some ideas:

  • Knock a ball into a trash can
  • Pour cereal out of the box, into a bowl
  • Get a ball from one end of the room to another without touching it
  • Pop a balloon

2. Give children freedom to build!

Tell them to make a machine that gets to the goal in as MANY STEPS as possible.

Dependiendo de su edad, debe cambiar la cantidad de ayuda que brinda con ideas y construcción.

Children will be exploring gravity, engineering, and physics without even knowing they’re learning!