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These activities have been designed for you! They are free or low cost and are fun, good for children’s learning, and easy to do with materials you may already have at home.

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Rake n’ Make

Celebrate Michigan's beautiful fall season while exploring science, math, and art. Prep It All you need is a beautiful fall ...
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How to Talk to Children about COVID19

1. Be calm and reassuring Children react to what you say and how you say it. They will notice if ...
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Alphabet Bags

Learning the sounds that letters make is an important step in learning to read. Play this game with children, using ...
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Proud Moments

Well-done spelling tests, math quizzes, and book reports adorn the refrigerators of proud family members and caretakers all over Flint ...
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Sort Anything

Next time you put away laundry, kitchen utensils, or other things around the house, invite the children to learn about ...
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Shape Hunting

Looking for shapes is a fun way to help young minds grow! Develop language skills and ideas about shape, space, ...
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Jams and Plans for Washing Hands

DIY Soaps Click the buttons for the recipes! Jelly Soap Make hand washing less of a chore for kids using ...
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Watch, listen, and look: How germs spread and how to stop them

Follow these links with the children in your care to explore questions we all have about contagious illnesses like the ...
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Picture Walks

There is a lot more to reading books than just figuring out what the words say. Going on a "picture ...
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Developing Hand Coordination with Playdough!

Hand coordination skills, sometimes called “fine motor skills” are the skills needed to do things like use spoons, pinch salt, ...
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Chain Reactions

Can you get a ball into a cup using a cookbook, Ramen noodles, a tuna can, and some rulers? Build ...
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What? When? Where? How? Hunt!

Go on a scavenger hunt to inspire children’s thinking about ideas like big versus small. Ask: Where is it? What ...
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Super-Thinker Simon Says

Shake up how the children in your care learn new words, follow instructions, do math, and communicate by playing a ...
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gone fishing

Gone Fishin’

For a fun way to practice letters, sounds, and numbers that also helps kids practice their hand-eye coordination, try fishing! ...
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homemade playdough

Homemade Playdough

Make playdough using ingredients you might already have around the kitchen- Sarahi will teach you how! Prep It Gather the ...
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Explore: Trees

Trees make for excellent co-teachers. Help children grow their brain power with these free activities inspired by nature's giants. Choose ...
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