Celebrating Child Care Providers

Childcare Providers of Flint- Thank you, thank you, thank you. The incredible work you do every day is making such a positive impact on our community. Your fulfillment of duty as a caretaker allows others to continue working, studying, and providing for their families- you are keeping our economy alive. Your devotion to the children in your care is preparing the generation that will make our community more beautiful than ever- you are keeping their hearts full. Your dedication in times of crisis is beyond measure- you inspire us with every story. Every song you sing and every book you read, every letter you write with a child’s hand wrapped gently inside of yours, will be the memories that fuel Flint’s children to grow our city- to fill it with love, and care, and commitment. Your legacy is their future success.

Our community is beautiful because of you.

With love and gratitude,
the PEP Team

This is Tameka and her 2 year-old granddaughter, Averie. While her daughter attends college, Tameka spends her day attending to Averie’s needs. She plans to continue taking care of her sweet little girl and apply to become a license-exempt provider. Just look at those smiles!

Meet Lydia and her amazing grandmother Tina! Tina is a license-exempt provider and cares for Lydia while her daughter is working. The PEP team has been able to work closely with Tina to provide billing assistance and resources to improve child care for Lydia.

Meet Juani and her two nephews! Juani is a very dedicated and hardworking aunt who devotes her time to her family. She has recently become a license-exempt provider and hopes to one day open a bilingual child care!

Say hi to Cometrice and her adorable granddaughter Clarise! Cometrice takes care of her granddaughter while her daughter is working or studying. She has successfully become a license-exempt provider and her biggest goal is to ensure a safe environment in which she can provide excellent care to Clarise.

Say hello to Kenya and her 4 year-old granddaughter, Ameelah! Kenya takes care of  Ameelah while her daughter is working and is a proud license exempt provider!

This is Janet and a few of her adorable children/grandchildren! Janet used to work at a Head Start and was a foster parent before she began providing care to 4 out of her 12 grandchildren. She’s an amazing provider and works hard to supply her grandchildren with an abundance of food, toys, love, and attention. In the future, Janet hopes to run a center in which she will be able to continue providing child care.

Thank you childcare providers for your essential work!

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