Jams and Plans for Washing Hands

DIY Soaps

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Make hand washing less of a chore for kids using this Jelly Soap Recipe! This recipe makes jelly soaps with a jello-like consistency. You only really need two ingredients, liquid soap and gelatin, but can add food coloring, scented oils, glitter, and small toys!

Try this Homemade Soap Play Dough recipe which is very easy and fun to make. The only ingredients needed are flour, liquid dish soap, and cream of tartar (optional, but will make the dough softer and last longer). This recipe makes a big bulk in which kids can take a piece from it, and use to wash their hands consistently throughout the day!

Spice up your liquid hand soaps or sanitizers by adding small toys into the containers. This is a super easy and fun way to encourage kids to wash their hands throughout the day. The more they wash their hands using the soap, the closer they are from obtaining the toys!


Hand Washing Hot Potato

Make hand washing a fun group activity by playing this hand washing hot potato game! Get everyone together to play before eating or after returning from outside.

Washing Dolly’s Hands

Playing pretend is a great way for young children to practice adult behaviors like washing their hands. Encourage your children to teach their plastic dolls and action figures how to wash their hands too!


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Print or use this chart as a reference to make your very own hand washing reward chart. Every time your child washes their hands, you can mark it on the chart using stickers or a marker which will indicate points. Set a goal for how many points your child has to obtain each week in order to receive a prize!

Hang up this poster near the sink! For more posters, check out the Genesee County Health Department’s poster list. If you would like one or more of these but don’t have a printer, we can print and mail them to you.

Please call or text us with your address, the poster(s) that you want, and how many copies you would like (up to 5 copies for each poster).


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Video (Ages 2-4) 

For fans of Baby Shark, sing this song for 20 seconds while you wash the germs away!

Lyrics to Learn (Ages 2-7) 

Use the tune of classic nursery rhymes with new words to get your hands squeaky clean. Choose your favorites from this page!

Video (Ages 8+) 

Use the melody of some favorite Top 40’s songs to time your 20 seconds. Which one is your favorite?