Leaf Stamp Art with Ages 2-4

Explore Trees with Ages 2-4

Choose an activity below to explore trees with the toddlers in your care

Create this tree-themed project to teach children natural science, practice hand-eye coordination, and encourage creativity!

Prep It

Collect some suggested materials:

– Paper (computer paper, scrap paper, or cardboard)
– Items to make a trunk and branches (try twigs, old pens or markers that have run out of ink, or crayons to simply draw them)
– Paint
– Disposable plates or bowls (or anything you’re willing to use to hold paint)
– Home-made stamps (try soda bottles of different sizes, plastic lids or anything else from your recycling bin, bubble wrap, real or fake flowers, leaves, plants, crumpled napkins, or sponges)
– Glue or tape

Play It


If necessary, help small hands create the trunk and branches by drawing or gluing materials to the paper. Ask about their length and shape- are they straight, wavy, long, or short?

This is also a great opportunity for you to begin teaching preschoolers the parts of a tree.


Pour a small amount of paint into a plate or bowl and dip your stamps. Press them into the canvas a couple times.



Point to different parts of the artwork and say, “tell me about this.”

After a thorough explanation, let the artwork dry and hang it up for all to see!

Celebrate the seasons:

Here are some ideas on how to create season-themed projects. Try them out or come up with your own!

In the spring, use the bottom of soda bottles as stamps, which will make 5 petals just like blooms of crabapple or cherry trees.
In the summer, use cottonballs as stamps to create Cottonwood Trees. You can also use feathers to create Sugar Maple Trees, which are the trees that drop “helicopters” or “whirligigs!”
In the fall, cut old sponges into the shapes of Red Maple or Red Oak leaves to use as stamps.
In the winter, use the bumpy sides of bottle caps or real pine needles to make White Pine art. Or try using circular items in your recycling bin like plastic lids to re-create the eye-like designs in the bark of Paper Birch trees!

We love seeing the artwork you inspire children to make!

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