Watch, listen, and look: How germs spread and how to stop them

Follow these links with the children in your care to explore questions we all have about contagious illnesses like the Coronavirus and how to stay healthy.


Ages 2-4 (1 minute 30 seconds)

When Daniel Tiger is sick, he imagines that he is a germ-fighting superhero that can make all the germs go away!

Ages 4-6 (2 minutes 20 seconds)

Sid and his friends sing a song about how germs spread. Can you make up your own song about the journey of germs? Send us your lyrics or a video of your song to share with other Flint providers!

Ages 5-8 (1 minute)

Learn about Odd Squad’s Healthy Habits with The Big O. In this one-minute Agent Training Video, The Big O shares how Odd Squad agents stay away from germs.

Ages 5-8 (1 minute)

In this one-minute Agent Training Video, The Big O shares a few top tips for social distancing, like talking with friends on the phone or on video, keeping your distance from anyone you see in person and avoiding handshakes, hugs or high-fives. Stay strong and healthy, because the Odd Squad needs you!

Ages 9+ (5 minutes 46 seconds)

Watch this Mythbusters experiment that ponders the questions: How to germs spread? What are the consequences of not washing your hands after you blow your nose? How quickly can a sick person spread germs to people around them?

Ages 9+ (2 minutes 18 seconds)

The Mythbusters are at it again- this time asking: How far do the germs in sneezes go?


Ages 8+ (35 minutes)

Listen along to this half-hour long story that explores the questions: What exactly is the coronavirus? How does it spread? How can I protect myself? Children will learn about the virus and how to stay safe. Plus, they will listen to a conversation between two chatty viruses to learn how these germs spread (and how our bodies fight back).

Ages 8+ (31 minutes)

Listen to this half-hour long story to learn about the virus and why soap is so important in stopping it!


Ages 4+ with adult help reading; Ages 8+ with little or no help reading

This short comic strip is a great visual way to spark conversation about many questions children may have about the virus.

Songs that Teach Hand Washing