Workout Apps

Alyssa and Sarahi recommend these workout apps, all of which are free at least for the basic level or trial period. None require a credit card to use.

Nike Training Club App (Download for iOS | Download for Android): I really enjoyed using this app! There are so many different workouts from beginners to experts. You are able to get in full body workouts, or focus on certain target areas. It is fun for individuals and the whole family. The basic level of this app is always free, but during the Coronavirus pandemic the app is offering free access to their premium level. The premium level offers access to longer workouts, recipes, and more! –Alyssa

FitOn (Download for iOS | Download for Android): This app is great! It allows you to customize and plan your workouts to reach any fitness goal. You can target certain target areas or get a full body workout in. This app is always free and has plenty to offer. They even have celebrities teaching classes, such as Jonathan Van Ness and Gabrielle Union! –Alyssa

Planet Fitness (Download for iOS | Download for Android): This is a wonderful app because you don’t need a gym membership with Planet Fitness to use it- it is free! They also offer free at home workouts on Facebook Live, everyday at 7pm. Additionally, the app offers bodyweight and weight workouts ranging from beginner to advanced. –Alyssa

Gymshark | Gym Workout Planner (Download for iOS):I tried this app and it is one of my favorites! Most of the workouts are free (though there is a premium level), and it also allows you to create your own workout plan! They have a huge list of different workout ideas specific for which body part you want to target. There are videos that you can follow along with, and the best part of all is that you can track your progress as you complete these workouts! Available for iPhone/iPad only. –Sarahi

Peloton (Download for iOS | Download for Android): This workout app is free to download for 30 days. It offers cycling, meditation, yoga running, dance cardio, bodyweight strength, and more. All you need is an email address to sign up. In order to have access to any of the videos, you must start a 30 Day Trial, however, there is no credit card required to start the trial. It includes videos with real-life people and is quite interactive. It has many different programs and also includes live videos with real life trainers. — Sarahi